National Osteoporosis Society 10k Run Hyde Park Review


A couple of months ago in the last fading rays of summer light, I made a resolution to maintain my summer cardio fitness levels year-round. No more excuses of evenings getting dark too soon, or Christmas festivities getting in the way, this year I was going to make sure I stayed at peak, all-round fitness 365 days a year. And in that spirit, I signed up for the Osteoporosis Society’s 10k run around Hyde Park on Saturday.  Continue reading

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Getting Down (literally) and Dirty with the Back2TheTrenches Obstacle Course Race



Back 2 the Trenches, a punishing obstacle course that combines steep, hilly terrain with over 70 military-related obstacles, advertises itself as a tough, yet achievable race. With runners offered the choice of 5km, 10km and 20km routes, the event offers something for almost everyone. Continue reading

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Outdoor Bouldering at the Castle Climbing Centre, London


Anniversaries aren’t usually spent covered in chalk and sweating up a boulder, but with sunny skies such a rare occurrence in London these days, you take every opportunity you get to enjoy the outdoors.

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Top Things to Do in Budapest

Budapest Parliament building lobby roof

Budapest is nicknamed the ‘Paris of the East’ and after a quick wander around it is easy to see why. With riverfront cafes spilling out onto the sidewalk, iconic cultural sites looming over the city, not to mention a wealth of spas to spend a relaxing afternoon, it’s easy to see why this capital city has grown so popular recently (and not just because of that George Ezra song). I recently spent a long weekend away to find out for myself what draws people to Budapest, and came away with more reasons to return. To help you make the most of what Budapest has to offer in a short weekend break, take a look at a few of my suggestions below! Continue reading

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Surprises and Weekend Wanderings Around Hampstead Heath


Sometimes you can visit somewhere you think you know a hundred times, and one day something unexpected appears there, or you see it in a whole new light.

Hampstead Heath is one of my favourite places in London for running, easy Sunday walks and squealing over all the cute dogs and wishing I had one too. There’s so many nooks and little offshoots from main paths that it is easy to follow one after the other, until you find yourself in a scenic natural spot, all to yourself. How many places in London can you do that?  Continue reading

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A Weekend at Innocent Unplugged Festival

Innocent Festival sign 2

I recently returned from Innocent Smoothies’ Innocent Unplugged Festival, where goers are invited to turn off their phones and tune in to nature.

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Product Review: Bleed T-shirt

Bleed shirt 2

I’m really excited to share the latest product in my new post. I recently discovered them at the Arch climbing wall’s shop (that place gets me every time!) and have since fallen in love with all their products. They are the slightly ominous-sounding Bleed. Don’t let the name fool you though, they’re one of the greenest companies around. Continue reading

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Getting a Green Thumb with The Conservation Volunteers

Lavender Pond TCV

One of the perks of my job is that once a year I get to take a day off work for volunteering. This time I was particularly lucky to take the opportunity to volunteer at the Lavender Pond Nature Park with The Conservation Volunteers.

I used to live quite close to this area, and for years I would gaze with intrigue into its gates, wondering what lay behind the old pumphouse and how to access those bridges on the pond. So when the opportunity to finally quell my curiosity arose, I pulled on my boots, tied up the hair and pulled on a pair of garden gloves, ready to get stuck in. Continue reading

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Product Review: Gregory SULA 18L Daypack

Gregory SULA daypack kiki

With the sun (finally) peeking its head out of the clouds in the UK, I am already anticipating long summer days spent hiking around national parks and weekends exploring cities. To help me make the most of my explorations, Gregory packs recently let me test their new SULA 18L women’s rucksack, which offers added lumbar support and ventilation – ideal for intensely sunny days. Luckily the weekend’s sunny forecast meant I didn’t have to wait long to put Gregory’s SULA daypack to the test.

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Exploring Chislehurst Caves – London’s Subterranean History

Chislehurst Caves Map Drawing

Located only 20 minutes’ train journey from Victoria is a complex subterranean network that has seen all periods of London’s history. Underneath the sleepy market town of Chislehurst in an incongruous residential area lies chalk-mines-turned-caves that feature everything a city could want, from a church, hospital, rooms, even cultural attractions such as a music venue and sacrificial altars. Indeed, Chislehurst Cave’s maze of caves could take equally as long as a city to explore. With this in mind, we donned our coats and grabbed a lantern, and descended into Chislehurst’s underground caverns. Continue reading

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