Outdoor Gear You Want to Use in Public: Finisterre Alize Tee

For many outdoor enthusiasts and travellers, buying outdoor gear can be an excitable prospect. Choosing from the range of bright colours, learning about the latest technology invested in the item, and the anticipation of trying it out on the hills (or mountains, oceans, winds, etc) is a source of delight for many. However for every person that shrieks with glee at the sight of a neon purple and green waterproof, there is equally someone wincing in pain as the coat offends their eyesight. For every person that buys the latest season of Five Fingers Barefoot shoes, there is someone loudly complaining about the ugliness of the trainer. And so on and so forth.

So great has the furore of complaints about outdoor clothing been, in fact, that the subject has been broached by The Guardian. And so, in an effort to prove that outdoor clothing can be both functional and stylish, this regular blog post will feature clothing that you will be excited to wear both outdoors and out about town. 

Made from 80% merino wool and 20% polymide, the Alize Tee by Finisterre is equally comfortable to wear trekking as well as everyday use. The slouch fit makes it blend in to urban settings, unlike the athletic fit found in many outdoor clothing, and is an ideal choice for those that plan to do a mixture of urban sightseeing and trekking on their travels. Plus, the merino wool is sourced from non-mulesed Australian sheep farms, and processed and knitted by EU eco-label certified spinners in Portugal.  A tee that can multitask?- this one is going straight onto the gear list.
For more information, or to purchase, take a look at Finisterre’s website here: http://www.finisterreuk.com/shop/womens/clothing/womens-tees/alize-stripe-tee-biscay.html

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