Adventurous Activities around the Amalfi Coast

Kirsten Sentieri Degli Dei

The Amalfi Coast is more than a haunt for celebrities and culture vultures – its rugged, beautiful landscape is just waiting for adventurous travellers to explore. Fresh from exploring its limestone cliffs and azure waters, check out my recommendations for adrenaline-pumping activities to try when discovering the Amalfi Coast.

Horseback riding my vesuvius

Horseback riding around Mount Vesuvius

The famous destroyer of Pompeii can be seen for miles around the Sorrentine Peninsula. For adventurers short on time to Mount Vesuvius’ summit, swap your two legs for a four-legged steed. Vesuvius Horseback Riding Tours offers two-hour sessions around the volcano, along with pictures and opportunities to stop and explore the volcanic landscape. To top it off, a snack and glass of wine from the stables’ own vineyard are provided at the end of the tour – a perfect toast for escaping the volcano unscathed.

Sentiero Degli Dei on the Amalfi Coast

Hike the Sentiero Degli Dei

The Amalfi Coast’s sleepy vibe belies its violent history as the site of continuous sea battles and raids between various conquerors and villagers for centuries. It was, and continues today, to also be a refuge for religious groups with abandoned and still-thriving monasteries nearby. Learn more about the fascinating history of this region and admire the rugged cliffs (not to mention the ingenuity of the people that swelled there) by hiking the Sentiero Degli Dei (known as ‘Path of the Gods’ in English). While the route is only six km long, the undulating path and breathtaking view points easily take hikers three hours or more to hike. 


Climb Around the Amalfi Coast

If you want a bird’s eye view of the Amalfi Coast, then strap on some climbing shoes and harness. The Sentiero Degli Dei route has multiple climbing options around the route, plus more options are available along the Amalfi Coast. If you’re wanting equipment and a guide, then Direzione Verticale offers introductory climbing lessons as well as days out to areas with experienced guides.

Scuba Dive the Sorrento Peninsula

For those that are already experienced in diving, the Sorrento Peninsula around the Amalfi Coast is a scuba dream. As the centre of fierce maritime battles over the centuries, not to mention its volcanic activity, the waters around the Amalfi Coast promise ancient shipwrecks, weird rock formations, and caves to explore. Not only that, but the Amalfi Coast’s warm waters attract a plethora of colourful and exotic fish, and are home to coral reefs. 

Image by Marcelino Saraiva Mota Marcelino from Pixabay

SUP Around the Amalfi Coast

Diving not your thing? Then hop on a paddleboard and explore the Amalfi Coast sans flippers. In between the towering cliffs there are hidden coves and deserted beaches which are more easily accessed by a SUP than your own two feet. These spots also offer the ideal retreat for sun-drenched lunches on the coast. While you might not be able to deep-dive off a paddleboard, you can still dabble in a bit of snorkelling when bypassing a school of fish or coral reef.

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