Wild Ruins BC book

Book Review: Wild Ruins BC

Wild Ruins BC book

If you’re looking for outdoor inspiration, then take a gander at Dave Hamilton’s latest book, Wild Ruins BC.

Ever seen random mounds on a walk, and wondered how they got there? Or stones propped up in an unnatural way? Chances are these may be prehistoric sites, and a quick look in Wild Ruins BC will uncover a wealth of archaeology you never before knew existed around you.

The follow-up to Hamilton’s previous book Wild Ruins, Wild Ruins BC offers a regional guide to prehistoric sites in the UK. Each insert features a beautiful and scenic photo, with a brief overview of information on the history of the site, as well as tantalising tidbits of stories or folklore around it too.

With suggested itineraries ranging from ‘Wonderful Wildlife’ or ‘Photography’, and even ‘Children & Families’, Wild Ruins BC offers a wealth of inspiration for a wide variety of outdoorsy-minded folk. It makes a good gift for families wanting to get outdoors more, or even hikers wanting to get off the beaten track and see something unique.


Personally, I enjoy using the book to discover intriguing landmarks, and then building a walk to that landmark, or even between several of them, from public transport. Coordinates, directions and access information is provided for each entry, so you have an idea of how to approach the landmark in advance.

Worried you’re not clued up on your pre-Roman Britain history? Luckily Wild Ruins BC offers a handy cheat sheet in the form of a ‘Timeline of Prehistory’ as well as a glossary for common prehistoric heritage terms. So the only thing you’ll have to remember is to bring the book with you when hiking!

Having used the book for inspiration when hiking along the South Downs and Warminster area, I’m looking forward to breaking it out again for long summer hikes! Let me know via Instagram and Facebook where Wild Ruins BC takes you!

If you wish to purchase a copy of Wild Ruins BC, then you can grab a copy at Wild Things Publishing or Amazon.

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