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Winter Hiking Scenes
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Top Tips for Hiking in Winter

Sunny summiteers, fear not; the days may be closing in but with my top tips, you can keep hiking in winter. There’s something about winter that makes even the most mundane landscape seem magical, doesn’t it? A thin dusting of snow transforms a trail you might have visited dozens of times into a whole new […]

Wild Camping in the UK
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A Beginner’s Guide to Wild Camping

Want to go wild camping, but worried about starting on the wrong foot? You’re not alone. With some conscientiousness for the environment and the right gear, you can start your adventures in the wild straightaway. There is something uniquely liberating and beautiful wild camping. It offers hikers the freedom and opportunity to venture anywhere in […]

Georgia's Svaneti region, Transcaucasian Trail
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8 Things I Learnt Hiking Georgia’s Transcaucasian Trail

Georgia’s section of the Transcaucasian Trail is a mesmerising combination of romantic mountain villages and wild landscapes filled with a rainbow of colours – and dotted with quaint, ancient churches that only increase the trail’s quixotic appeal. This is only improved with Georgia’s hearty cuisine, punchy coffee, and easy-drinking wine and beer to help fuel […]