Climbing and Facing a Fear of Heights


Recently, my good friend Kathryn paid us a visit over the weekend, and along with the usual London pastimes of concerts, museums and theatre excursions, she had a special request.

Kathryn’s traveled and worked all over the world and gone on so many hair-raising adventures in her short years than many people do in a lifetime. However, she’s always had a slight fear of heights and decided that the only way to defeat it was to challenge herself to complete three different high-altitude activities, such as sky-diving, paragliding, etc. When she asked us to help her complete the last challenge, we knew exactly where to go: our old haunt, Swiss Cottage climbing wall.

As is her usual style, Kathryn completely bossed the whole challenge, completing not just one climb, but three!



She even challenged herself further and attempted a climb up the extra high wall, one of the highest in London.


It wasn’t all hard work though, as we had a bit of chill-out time on the twister wall. You’ve probably heard me wax lyrical about it on Instagram, but it is such a fun and ingenious tool for improving technical ability and working out which bits of your body need strengthening.


While she might not be a regular climber (yet), I’m so proud of my friend for finding the courage to face her fears and climb up the wall. And it just goes to show, that anyone can do it with a bit of determination!

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