Country Walking Magazine’s #Walk1000Miles Challenge


The advent of the New Year rings in the usual renewal of promises including sticking to diets, maintaining a fitness regime, #newyearnewme, etc. To help everyone stick with their resolutions, Country Walking magazine have launched their latest campaign, #Walk1000Miles, which aims to get everyone walking 1000 miles in 2016.

As Country Walking magazine reminds us, 1000 miles a year breaks down to walking just 2.74 miles a day, something that can easily be done in an hour or incorporated into your daily routine, such as walking to the station. It’s cheaper than paying for the gym, and it gives walkers the opportunity to explore more of the country (quite handy for those who resolved to travel more in 2016!). Not to mention, walking regularly reduces the risk of depression, obesity, diabetes and heart disease too!

With the New Year also ringing in alcohol-induced headaches and troubled stomachs, we decided to make a head start on the 1000 goal and herald the new year with a brisk country walk up a hill fort.

By brisk, we mean deluges of rain and gale force wind, with a sprinkling of hail on the summit. Despite the weather, it did its job and by the time we reached the top all signs of hangovers were gone, just in time for some failed attempts at jumping #summitselfie shots.

If you’re interested, head to Country Walking magazine’s website now and sign up, or buy their most recent issue. If you need a little more motivation, there’s also a Facebook group to help all entrants motivate one another throughout the year!



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