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DIY Christmas Gifts for the Outdoorsy Types in your Life


If the thought of fighting for rubbish goods leaves you devoid of Christmas spirit, or your budget can’t stretch to splurging in the shops, then try a few of these homemade gift ideas that will get your loved ones outside (or at least enjoying the outdoors even more!).


Food Kit for the Campfire Chef

One of the best things after a long day’s hike is sitting around the campfire with delicious food to share. This gift is easy to make, and you can source the packaging or containers at pound stores, and you can easily create the spice mixes at home by raiding your kitchen cupboard. Just grab some of their favourite campfire staples (coffee, marshmallows and baked beans are always winners for us) and stick it all in a pretty box or basket – they can re-use the packaging later.


Knitted Snood for the One That’s Always Cold

Snoods are an excellent handmade gift – you can use basic stitches to create a beautiful, simple piece, and if you shop around for the yarn, they are also inexpensive to make. Pay a visit to your local craft or sewing shop and see if they have any deals on thick yarn, or if you are located out in the sticks, Ebay is also an inexpensive option.


Scavenger Hunt Day for the Wee Little Kiddies

Give kids a gift that gets them outdoors, (not to mention one their parents will thank you for) and organise a scavenger hunt day trip with them. You can easily give them a list of things to find, or if you have spare time, plant prizes around the area and draft a map.


Flavoured Alcohol for Those Who Like a Tipple

Long hikes and evenings around the campfire are the perfect companions to swigs from a flask. Making a flavoured whisky (or gin, vodka, etc.) is simple too – just stick your ingredients in the bottle, and let them marinate for a week (or more, depending how strong you prefer the flavouring) and then stick it in a cute mason jar or (if you’re feeling particularly generous) a sturdy hip flask. If you’re stuck for inspiration, Pinterest has loads of tasty flavour combinations.


Coffee and Mug Set For Caffeine Addicts

If you are one of the 1% of the population that isn’t attached to a caffeine drip, then good for you. But spare a thought for the rest of your family and friends that struggle to get out of bed each dark, and gift them with a personalised mug and their favourite coffee/tea blend. Tesco provides a tutorial on how to achieve this interesting watercolour effect, or if you have some artistic skills you can easily draw a design on the mug with permanent pens and bake it in the oven.  

For some thrifty gift wrapping ideas, head over to The15thDistrict for their beautiful and budget-friendly tips!

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