Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts for Outdoorsy People

What do you get the outdoorsy person that has everything? They don’t want more shit, that’s for sure. My eco-friendly Christmas gifts guide for outdoorsy folk will help you find thoughtful gifts for all budgets and interests, without killing the planet. 


1. Travel Writing Lessons

Does your significant other imagine themselves as the next Wainwright, or constantly have their nose in the latest Robert Macfarlane book? Then travel writing lessons will give them the foundations they need to kickstart their writing. Local learning centres offer these courses on a regular basis, or you can choose workshops from the likes of Nat Geo Traveller or Udemy


2. Foraging Lessons

Whether your loved one fancies themselves as the next Bear Grylls or a survivor of a zombie apocalypse, foraging lessons are entertaining and useful. Plus, this outdoorsy/zero waste gift can be beneficial for you too – just remind them who paid for their foraging skills when the zombie apocalypse arrives. Foraging classes can also be organised anywhere in the country, even in cities like London! Check out the coastal foraging workshop from Wildwood Bushcraft on Scotland’s coast, or city dwellers can head to London–based Forage London for urban searches. 


3. Gift Vouchers 

‘But gift vouchers are the same as gifting money!’ I hear you cry? It all depends on the delivery. Has your loved one been talking about a dream trip for ages, or wanting to go on more adventures? A gift voucher will help make those goals a little bit closer to reality. Check City Mountaineering for UK–based adventures outdoors, or Much Better Adventures for epic travels abroad. 

Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts - massage

4. Sports Massage/Deep Tissue Massage

Maybe not one for the office secret Santa, but a sports massage or deep tissue massage will be appreciated by all outdoorsy types in your life. Whether they have any injuries, niggles, or are fighting fit, a sports massage keeps muscles of your gift receiver in their prime. Plus, it’s an easy gift to source, no matter where you live.


5. Coaching

Coaching isn’t just for newbies. It can help experienced outdoorsy types identify and erase bad habits, progress their skills, and even overcome any fears. This gift idea has added flexibility too; book a one–off coaching workshop for a specific topic or book a series of sessions for overall improvement. Check with your local gyms and clubs for recommended coaches.


6. Membership to an Organisation

This eco–friendly Christmas gift keeps giving all year long. Membership to organisations such as the RSPCB or the National Trust gives access to a wide range of areas, learning resources, and events throughout the UK. Families with kids in particular will appreciate this gift as a go–to inspiration for days out.

Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts - day out

7. Create a Day Out with a Map and Picnic

This outdoorsy gift idea is economical and thoughtful. Find out your receiver’s favourite park, region, activity, you name it, and then plan a day around that. All you need is a map to plot the route and gift, a picnic pack with their favourite foods, and you’re done! They’ll appreciate the thought and effort you made. If you’re stuck for ideas, check out some of my walk routes.

Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts - festival

8. Tickets to an outdoors festival

What’s better than several days of adventures outdoors with like–minded folk? Outdoorsy festivals provide the opportunity to try new hobbies, meet leaders in the outdoors, learn some new skills, and generally have fun with newfound friends. Check out Base Camp Festival, the London Mountain Film Festival, or the famous Kendal Mountain Festival for inspiration. 

Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts - drawing

9. Learn a Craft/Skill

The outdoors has been a source of inspiration for creative types for centuries. If your gift receiver is stuck in a creative rut, a learning a craft that gets them outdoors might be the thing to get the creative juices flowing again. Nature drawing and whittling classes are making a comeback, or there’s tons of natural beauty product making classes available. This is a gift that keeps on giving too – next year they can make everyone their own eco–friendly Christmas gifts.


10. Make Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts Baskets

If you must gift your receiver a physical item, then why not make a gift basket stuffed with items to make their life more eco–friendly, or filled with eco–friendly versions of their favourite food and drink? Items like a reusable coffee cup or water bottle, soaps or reusable kitchen items are practical and will be appreciated. As for food and drink items, check local vendors, who frequently use less packaging or offer returnable items. 

Share your eco-friendly Christmas gifts ideas below to help others find the perfect present for their outdoors-obsessed loved ones!

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