Finding California’s Big Sur


Big Sur is one of California’s most popular tourist destinations, and with its dramatic coastline scenery and exotic flora and fauna, it is not difficult to understand why people flock here. As it is also a popular stopping point for road trips, we pinned it on our map and waited in anticipation to explore its hiking trails and beach spots.

However when the park experienced a flash flood, landslide AND a forest fire in quick succession prior to our arrival, it seemed our hopes would be dashed as much of the park. Luckily though, the Ragged Point Inn & Resort came to the rescue.

The hotel is perched on a particularly beautiful part of the coast, offering panoramic sea views in the day, and the sound of ocean waves to lull you to sleep in the evening. Most importantly however, Ragged Point is situated within the only remaining bit of Big Sur National Park that is open (however small it may be) and also has its own small grounds to explore, which we took full advantage of.



After tucking into a delicious breakfast of tropical fruit and bacon we took off and headed down the coast towards San Simeon and Morro Rock. There hidden along the coast between remote motels and stretches of desert lies the Friends of the Elephant Seals beach. Each year hundreds of female elephant seals (as well as the odd boy elephant seal that is a total mumma’s boy) convene of the beach to malt their winter coat. For weeks they will sit on the beach, relaxing in the heat, playing and throwing sand on themselves (or more often, on each other) to keep the sun from burning their new coat.





If reincarnation exists, can I come back as an elephant seal?

For those of you that cannot wait to visit the beach, you can also watch the seals on the Friends of the Elephant Seal livecam!




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