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Fitness Apps to Make Exercise Fun

If you’re anything like me, you tend to get into an exercise rut. Trying to organise your schedule around work, family and social commitments often ends in you treading the same running routes, or doing the same series of weights, movements, etc. You name it, you’ve done it a hundred times.

To be fair, it is not necessarily bad if you’re doing the route faster or more efficiently, but your body needs to be pushed to get results and increase fitness, and over time completing the same routes over and over will offer diminishing returns, particularly if you are training for a particular event or race.

To help you get out of your exercise rut, here’s some flashy new apps that will make you forget you’re exercising.

Zombies, Run! 

This running app features you as a ‘Runner’, responsible in a zombie-infested world of sourcing supplies, find survivors and defending some of the last human outposts in the world. There’s a new ‘mission’ each week that provides an immersive storyline that can also sync with your music, and offers a variety of interval training as well. The app is free to install and use, but for additional missions and add-ons fees can be charged.


The Walk

A bomb explodes at Inverness station and you’re given a package that can save the world, but to do that (and stay alive) you have to walk the entirety of the United Kingdom in time. This pedometer-come-immersive-storyline makes counting your daily steps fun without the usual competitive/dieting ploy that many other pedometers use. Created in conjunction with the NHS and Department of Health, The Walk will see users walk 500 miles throughout the various missions in the story and only costs £2.29 to install.



Membership to yoga studios can be pricey as well as difficult to fit around schedules. With the new Yogaia app, you can practice different types of yoga to fit your schedule, wherever you want. Yogaia acts as an interactive online studio, with 100 yoga classes a week loaded onto the app so users can find a yoga form that fits them and their schedule. The app charges monthly payments of £7.49, which, admittedly expensive for an app, is a bargain for unlimited yoga classes.


NTC Nike Training Club

This handy free app offers over 100 training plans that focus on different muscles, strength building, cardio and general fitness routines that can be downloaded and watched anywhere. The routines also offer step-by-step images and videos as well as drills to ensure you are following the plans correctly to achieve the best results.



Release your inner kid and head outdoors on a treasure hunt with Geocaching. The app has over a million caches located worldwide, so you’re bound to find one in your neck of the woods. Simply install the app and create an account, discover the cache’s secret hiding place, enter your details into the logbook, and make sure you leave it exactly as you found it for the next Geocaching explorer to find. The ‘standard’ version of the app is free, but a premium version is available for £7.99.


Charity Miles

If you want to do your bit for charity but hate the thought of spamming your Facebook feed and coworkers with awkward donation requests, then give Charity Miles a try. This free app works as a pedometre, measuring your miles when running, walking or cycling. For every mile you reach, a corporate sponsor will donate a certain amount to a charity of your choice!



This handy app makes paper maps a thing of the past by giving you a library of walking guides in your pocket. Simply search through the list of guides available, and you will be given detailed walking directions along with photography of the route and information about the history and environment of the trail. Users can also track their progress in real-time with satellite maps, or even create their own maps to share with others. The app requires a one-off payment of £1.49 to install.



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