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Guest Post: Richmond Park Walk with WorldHikingVlog

We have our first guest blogger (or should that be vlogger?) over on AmorExplore – please welcome Sam from WorldHikingVlog! Sam is a London-based adventurer, who travels around the world in search of new and exciting destinations to explore on two legs. This week, he brings us his explorations of one of London’s more wild pockets – Richmond Park. Over to you Sam!

‘Waking up Sunday to a day of glorious sunshine gave me a perfect opportunity to test out my new camera and explore Richmond Park just on the outskirts of London. You can watch my full day around Richmond Park below, and check out my top tips for exploring Richmond Park:’

Top Tips

  1. Arrive early before the runners and cyclists get going – it can get busy on the main roads!
  2. Get lost in the park and don’t do the trek around the outskirts of the trail.
  3. Keep away from the roads! The quieter you are the more chance you have of seeing the stags.
  4. Wear boots as it can be muddy on the trails – typical English weather!
  5. Do not get too close to the wildlife – while they might be accustomed to humans wandering around their park, they are still wild animals.
  6. Check out the awesome ducks!
  7. The park can be accessed via local buses and trains (short walk) so don’t feel like you need a car to access Richmond Park.
  8. Turn off your phone, switch off your music & enjoy the peace and quiet (especially if you are a Londoner).
  9. Explore Isabella┬áPlantation in the centre of the park – it’s one of Richmond Park’s most scenic spots.



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