Hot Springs Cove Vancouver Island

Hot Springs Cove – a Canadian Boating, Soaking Adventure

A secret cove with naturally bubbling hot springs, hidden deep in a forest, and accessible only by boat? Explorers, don your life vests and set your course for Hot Springs Cove, Tofino.

Accessible by a zodiac boat, Hot Springs Cove is roughly an hour and a half’s journey away from the marina in Tofino. Getting there is half the fun with whales, sea otters, bald eagles and even bears poking their heads out of the forest/ocean to see what is causing all the ruckus. 



The hot springs are accessed from the docking area via a boardwalk path through the forest, about 20 minutes’ walk. The walk itself is beautiful, with ancient trees and bird calls competing for your attention along the way. Once there we spent hours enjoying views of the Pacific Ocean from one of the multiple natural pools, and climbing around the rocks to dry out. As you can tell, I had a ‘whale’ of a time!


Check out my second vlog above to learn more about Hot Springs Cove. If you are looking for a ship and crew, then pay a visit to Ocean Outfitters

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