Blue Lagoon Lava Fields

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon – What You Need to Know

Arguably Iceland’s most iconic attraction, the Blue Lagoon is one of those few sites that is as good in person as in photos. With its popularity though, comes multiple obstacles to traverse, especially if you have limited time in Iceland. To help you make the most of your trip to the Blue Lagoon, take a look at the tips below!

  • Book tickets in advance – there are limited number of tickets available each day, and in high season, they can be entirely sold out. For those on a limited schedule, there’s also the option to combine it with your airport transfer.
  • Remember to bring a travel towel – depending on the entrance option you choose, a towel might not be provided. You can bring your own towel however, but if it is a travel towel, it is advised to place it somewhere conspicuous – with so many towels looking the same, it is easy for yours to be taken accidentally!
  • Take a hike – the lava fields surrounding the Blue Lagoon are pretty spectacular on their own!
  • Lather in the conditioner – while the Blue Lagoon’s waters are filled with minerals that offer nutrients to your skin, it will actually wreak havoc on your hair, especially if it is dyed. The changing area and shower facilities provide complimentary conditioner however, so make sure you apply before entering the waters!
  • Speaking of hair….remember to bring a comb!
  • Avoid wearing jewellery into the Blue Lagoon – sometimes the mineral waters can discolour the metal.
  • Stay hydrated – the warm waters can easily dehydrate you, especially after spending several hours lounging around and adding alcohol to the mix.
  • Unless you are not picky, have your drinks before or after you apply the face mask. Speaking from experience, muddy cider tastes horrible….

Have YOU got any tips for Iceland’s Blue Lagoon? Gives us your thoughts below!

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