South Bank Festival of Neighbourhood

If you do one thing in London this month….


…join in the community spirit at the Southbank Centre


With London’s sprawling expanse of apartment blocks and office buildings, you’d be forgiven for thinking the concept of community was foreign amongst the locals. However the Southbank Centre’s Festival of Neighbourhood has transformed one of the capital’s iconic cultural centres into an amalgamation of relaxing gardens, children’s entertainment areas, vegetable patches, and colourful artwork.


Throughout the summer family and friends are welcome to relax in one of the many secret garden patches hidden amongst Southbank’s nooks and crannies, or hunt for murals and sculptures dotted around the centre. Large-scale allotments have also been placed around the walkways, growing vegetables and herbs that are used in the South Bank’s main restaurant. Farmer’s markets, Pop-up cafes and bars have also sprung up around the Southbank, allowing Londoners and visitors alike to relax in one of the gardens or enjoy the view of the Thames. A series of events celebrating literature, music, and comedy are organised to coincide with the Festival of Neighbourhood too, with the calendar and tickets available here.

The event runs until the 8th of September. For more information, take a look at the Festival of Neighbourhood page here, and take a look at some photos from the event below.





Kids igloos- Festival of Neighbourhood, Southbank Centre



South Bank Centre murals Festival of Neighbourhood



Herb Greenhouse South Bank Centre Festival of Neighbourhood



Ant sculpture South Bank Centre Festival of Neighbourhood



Wheelbarrow Garden Festival of Neighbourhood South Bank Centre



Festival of Neighbourhood South Bank Centre vegetable garden



Wahaca mural Festival of Neighbourhood South Bank Centre

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