If You Do One Thing in London this Month…

…….take a trip down to Little Venice.

While the name evokes visions of Italian villas, gondolas and expansive squares teeming with pigeons, London’s own tongue-in-cheek nickname of its waterways possesses a more quaint atmosphere. Lining either side of the Regent’s Canal and Grand Union waters are barges that simultaneously exist as people’s homes as well as restaurants, coffee shops, book stores, a puppet show theatre and more. The area evokes a bohemian, ‘rough and ready’ atmosphere with the jumble of bicycles, grand pianos, potted plants and other paraphernalia that sit in a big jumble on the deck of the barges, that gives the area its own unique identity outside of Paddington’s well-to-do, corporate office landscape.

Head to Little Venice for a leisurely weekend stroll to work off a hangover or enjoy a sunny day at a slow pace; make sure you stop for a reviving cup of coffee at one of the area’s numerous watering holes.

“Little Venice” by Donna_Rutherford is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

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