Lowe Alpine Aeon ND 33L rucksack

Lowe Alpine Women’s Aeon ND 33L Rucksack Review

Weekend explorers – looking for a bag that can go from the streets to the summits? The hard-wearing Lowe Alpine Aeon ND 33L rucksack, RRP £95, can take you around both, without looking out of place in either.

Lowe Alpine Women’s Aeon ND 33L Rucksack Design

Lowe Alpine calls the Aeon 33 the most adaptable rucksack in their range. With a large central pocket and additional small pockets throughout combined with a simplistic design, it’s a bag that can easily go from day hikes to urban adventures, without looking out of place. 


Lowe Alpine Women’s Aeon ND 33L Rucksack Features

While the Lowe Alpine ND Aeon in 33-litre bag has a minimalist design, it does have a surprising number of features tucked away:

  • Adjustable back strap system
  • Flexible shoulder straps
  • Back air contour system 
  • Attachments for ice axes, a helmet or walking poles to be stored on the outer body
  • Hydration system compatible
  • Mesh hip pockets
  • Side bag pockets for water bottles or accessories
  • Emergency whistle
  • Large hidden front pocket

Some might argue the Aeon 33 is lacking in features, yet it has the primary functions needed to please the majority of day hikers and minimalist climbers. There’s plenty of specialist bags out there, why make people pay more for features they’ll never use?


In fact, all the features on the bag have been designed with flexibility and lightweightedness in mind. After spending a day hiking and scrambling around Snowdonia National Park, I didn’t have any slouchiness or niggles that some rigid bags can gradually cause. 

The features I found most handy were the hip pockets, mesh side pockets and the hidden zipper pocket at the front of the bag. It was easy reaching for snacks, and my Sigg bottles fit snugly into the side pockets without falling out when I scrambled. With the weather flip-flopping all day between sunshine and showers, I appreciated having the zip pocket to store or whip out my raincoat at a moment’s notice.

The main downside I would find in this bag for features is the lack of rain cover. It is possible to use other rain covers on the ND Aeon 33, but it would be nice to have something more fitted for the bag’s shape. 


Aeon ND 33L Rucksack Fit

This particular rucksack has been specially designed for women. Expect thinner straps placed closer together, and a chest strap positioned higher than the conventional men’s version. 

The extra-flexible straps means the bag isn’t too restrictive, although some might prefer the mesh hip straps had more padding.

Verdict: At £95 the Lowe Alpine Women’s Aeon ND 33L rucksack finds the sweet spot between high-end technical rucksacks and budget day packs. Some might argue the price is a little steep for a day pack, but the Aeon’s Tri-Shield fabric and lightweight qualities make it extra durable and comfortable compared to the cheaper models on the market. 

Now that you have a bag sorted, check out some hiking trips to take it on!

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