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I’m really excited to share the latest product in my new post. I recently discovered them at the Arch climbing wall’s shop (that place gets me every time!) and have since fallen in love with all their products. They are the slightly ominous-sounding Bleed. Don’t let the name fool you though, they’re one of the greenest companies around.

The name comes from their belief that ‘nature has bled enough’, and, as you might expect, they are a highly environmentally friendly company. All dyes used in the manufacturing process are sent to biological purification plants, and because they’re GOT-certified, no excessively harsh chemicals or metals are used in the dyeing process either. On top of that, their fabrics are also organic and vegan, and where they can, recycled or upcycled materials have been used.


In addition to their environmentally friendly credentials, all products are fairly produced, meaning they work in safe conditions and given decent wages.

As you can imagine, after learning about the company I was sold in two minutes, but how would the top fare with an active lifestyle of hiking through forests and scurrying up rocks?


Pretty good in fact! Sometimes I find t-shirts too constrictive around the chest, but the Denim T-Shirt offered a slightly wider neck-hole than usual, offering more freedom of movement around the chest. Plus, it was durable enough to withstand the brambles of a day hike and scuffs against the wall without so much as a loose thread.

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