Kirsten Osprey Talon Rucksack

Product Review: My Favourite Backpack, the Osprey Women’s Talon/Tempest 33L Rucksack


If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you’ve probably noticed my bright red backpack in a majority of my hiking posts. After purchasing the Osprey Women’s Talon (now renamed Tempest) 33-litre rucksack a few years ago, it has become my go-to bag for weekend hikes and day trips.

What drew me most to the Osprey Talon rucksack was the fit. As a woman with broad shoulders, and a long, slim torso and hips, many of the ‘female-fit’ rucksacks on the market are very short on the torso, or tight around the shoulder area. Often times I felt like I was going to She-Hulk out of the rucksacks!

With the Osprey Talon 33L, there is much more opportunity to customise the fit to suit your body type. You can choose between a S/M and a M/L, and then customise the shoulder and waist straps further, as well as adjust the torso length. In addition to this, the flexible and durable straps on this rucksack also suited me well; all too often I found the women-style rucksacks had super-thick padded straps, which did not actually help with the support of the weight and honestly felt like I was wearing sponges against me after a sweaty day of hiking.

Speaking of fit, one of the most common questions women have when choosing a rucksack is what ‘exactly makes it different to a men’s fit’? In a nutshell, on the Osprey Talon/Tempest backpack, the shoulder straps are closer together than on the men’s model, the chest strap has been altered to accommodate a bust, the torso area is shorter, and the hip straps are shorter and designed differently to distribute weight over women’s hips evenly.

Okay, lesson over, back to the Osprey Talon/Tempest. The other big feature that was the deciding factor for choosing this bag for me was the big middle space in the middle, and the small, easily-removable additional features on the bag. Often, bags can try to sell themselves with too many pockets and unnecessary features, which might increase the value of the bag, but in reality make it difficult to squeeze anything substantial inside it. With the Osprey Talon/Tempest 33L/30L I can easily fit everything into the main section of the bag with some space left in the top loader pocket and side pockets. The other features, such as the removable sleeping matt straps and trekking pole straps are handy without being a bulky hindrance. A personal favourite for me is the option of either a hydration pack insert, or the two water bottle pockets on either side, as well as the extra pockets on the hips – perfect to stuff snacks!

So whether you’re looking for a roomy bag for day hikes, or a compact bag for summer weekends away, then the Osprey Talon/Tempest 30L/33L is a good all-rounder.

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