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Product Review: Striders Edge E-Padded Bra

I doubt I am the only woman that struggles to find a sports bra that is equally comfortable without squeezing the life out of my boobs, and offering decent anti-bouncing? Right? Furthermore, I also like my clothing, exercise-wear or otherwise to be easily interchangeable with the myriad of sports I practice.

It may come as little surprise to you then that I often find sports bra shopping similar to that of jeans shopping; time-consuming, at times painful, and often fruitless. So as I was spending one lunchtime afternoon scrolling the troughs of Google for sports bras, I came across Striders Edge’s E-Padded Bra. Boasting itself to be suitable for a range of medium impact sports, good looking and comfortable, I suddenly felt my mouse move to the checkout basket¬†and two Paypal clicks later I was the owner of one said E-Padded Bra.
So by now you may want to know a little about the specifications of the E-Padded bra. It features removable cups that either give you a light boost or can be easily removed for a realistic fit. Now I don’t want to look busty like a Victoria’s Secret model (I’ve got enough to focus on when climbing, without my boobs falling out or hitting me in the face), but it’s nice to look a bit perky up top. Not to mention, the cups offer great nipple coverage when it is cold outside. The fabric is soft and smooth, and features a racerback design that fits well under other sportswear.
The aspect I noticed most with the E-Padded bra was its breatheability and how well the seams were constructed. After wearing it 8 hours a day when hiking through Scotland and Peru in intense heat, it remained dry throughout and the seams did not dig into my back, even with the weight of my bag pressing on it.
As for yoga and climbing, the E-Padded bra has become my go-to item; it offers good support without restricting my length of movement, which is essential if I’m doing some overhangs or dynoing up a fang.
The only sport I won’t recommend using it for is long-distance running; to be fair, the bra is only intended for medium and low-impact activities, and for those, it does the job well.

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