Product Review: Trespass Women’s Thundurus Waterproof Jacket


If you are looking for a jacket with weatherproof qualities that won’t look out of place with your casual wardrobe, then the Trespass Thundurus Waterproof Jacket is for you.

Designed to provide light warmth and protection against adverse weather conditions, this jacket is a good choice for those that dislike wearing lots of layers. The jacket features Trespass’s ColdHeat® insulation, which provides a layer of warmth whilst still remaining breathable. In fact the insulation is enough when combined with a sweater for frosty mornings, or even worn with just a single layer for milder days.




In addition to its insulation, the Thundurus jacket also features a waterproof membrane and windproof technology. Trespass’s Tres-tex® waterproofing membrane helps wick vapour from your body, which would traditionally create condensation inside (aka a very sweaty back) and potentially give you the chills. In addition to this though, the membrane also acts as a protective barrier against the elements, by preventing rain or snow from penetrating the inner layer of the jacket. Even the traditionally susceptible areas of jackets, such as the seams, have been taped in the Thundurus jacket to provide complete waterproofing protection. Did I mention that the membrane also made the jacket windproof too?


The Thundurus jacket’s main strength however, is its combination of offering decent weather protection with a wearable style that won’t look out of place on the hills or in the city. Given that many technical outdoors jackets are typically manufactured in either black or an eye-popping rainbow of colours, the Thundurus jacket will match your wardrobe while offering a hint of colour with the pink lining. The relaxed cut with the waist-cinching draw-cord also means you can wear multiple layers whilst hiking or give it a more feminine fit. Moreover, the cleverly designed pockets means you can fit in a map, compass, etc. without the jacket looking too lumpy. The thermal lining inside the pockets is also a useful feature if you’ve forgotten your gloves!


Trespass generously gave me the opportunity to test the jacket, and for the past couple of weeks I have been wearing it on day hikes and everyday wanders around the city.

In terms of the jacket’s limitations, I won’t be taking it on any serious multi-day treks, or climbing mountains with this particular number. But then, I don’t think that’s what Trespass had in mind when they designed this particular jacket. If you’re looking for something more serious, then you may want to consider something from the DLX range.

But, with an RRP of £109.99, the Thundurus does offer tremendous value for money and doesn’t look out of place in a relaxed environment. Even better, Trespass currently have a sale going on and you can pick one up right now for just £54.99.

For those that are looking for a good-value jacket that provides protection against the elements without compromising on style, then the Thundurus jacket will fit you fine.


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