Kirsten climbing in Simond Women's Rock Pant

Simond Women’s Rock Pants Review

Looking for all-rounder hiking and climbing trousers that are durable, comfortable and lightweight? The Simond women’s Rock pants at Decathlon can withstand high temps, showers and gusty winds on rock walls and hikes, while taking up minimal space in your rucksack.

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Simond Women’s Rock Pant Fit

Sitting just below the belly button, the Rock pants offer a compatible fit with climbing harnesses and rucksacks. The trouser legs are fitted, and flare out slightly around the ankle to allow for more movement and less chafing. 

The pants’ fabric is made up of 12% elastane; and as someone with large, muscular legs a little disproportionate to her torso, this offers an ideal fit – no worrying about gaps in the waistband, or ripping seams around the bum or thighs when going for a dyno!

The trouser length is a regular fit, which when wearing hiking boots means the legs aren’t dragging on the ground, nor ending before the ankles.

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Simond Women’s Rock Pant Look

Each season the Rock pants are released in a different colour; for those that like a flash of colour, the Rock pants have come in azure and royal blue. A standard grey is also available.

Simond Women’s Rock Pant Features

In addition to the flexible fit, the Rock pants are water repellant, and have pockets positioned so that you can access them even when wearing a harness. The knees are also pre-formed to increase mobility – very handy on crag routes that require so big stretches!

Kirsten Climbing in Simond Women's Rock Pants


For hikers and climbers wanting a pair of all-round trousers that can take them up crags and over valleys in comfort, then the Simond Women’s Rock pants are up to the task. With the elastane offering a comfortable fit for a variety of shapes womens’ bodies come in, and additional features such as water repellency, at £39.99 from Decathlon they are a good value for money.

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