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The Right Time and the Right Way to Visit Egypt

There is no denying that a visit to Egypt should be – if it isn’t already – on everybody’s bucket list.

The African country, which has been in great unrest for the past couple of years, has seen its number of tourists decline at an unprecedented pace. Although many will point out all the TV-news inspired reasons to avoid your visit, in reality Egypt is as safe as ever for tourists, unless you decide to start an armed rebellion, which would raise flags in any country!

The political turmoil has left many archaeological sites and museums understaffed and their services crippling, while the lack of tourists have closed many small-shops around the monuments and few people are left speaking English. At the same time traders don’t harass you any more into buying a tacky copy of the Sphinx or offer to take a picture of you for $5! This is a golden opportunity for anyone wanting to discover the secrets of the Pharaohs, without the hassle and the long lines of packed holiday trippers.



Egypt is more stunning than ever now that all the dust has settled. The unique monuments that show but a glimpse of the glory this country achieved millennia ago, are quietly waiting to reveal their secrets only to those who truly wish to discover them, instead of all the tourists who simply visit them from their all-inclusive resorts. The Pyramids, the Pharaoh’s island, Cairo, the Red Sea…. all those unique sights and experience you need to see and live for yourselves! What better way than a cruise that will let you live the most out of your vacation. Variety Cruises offers an amazing 7 day cruise rightfully called Kings and Pharaohs, where you’ll get to visit the Gulf of Aqaba, the locals’ favorite summer destination Taba and the Pharaoh’s Island, Sharm el Sheikh, visit St. Catherines Monastery, and also trip to Hurghada, go by bus to Luxor, splash around in Gubal Islands and finish of at the Suez canal and Cairo. All that onboard of a luxurious 21 cabin yacht called Harmony “G”.

In Cairo you have to spend at least a couple of hours to the National Museum where you’ll see the only evidence of the armed security forces that remain deployed in many parts of the city!


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