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Champing is a thing now and you should definitely try it

For the past few weeks you might have heard whisperings of a strange new phenomenon on the internet. Mentions of #champing hashtags on Twitter, random pictures on Facebook, and arguments on various newspaper websites as to whether ‘champing’ is just another term for ‘glamping’ have gradually popped up. If you aren’t curious or excited about it you probably should, because it is a great and inexpensive idea that helps promote the outdoors and heritage at once. Continue reading

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Prague

Street in Prague, Czech Republic (1 of 1)

Despite its relative infancy (the Czech Republic has only been a country for around 20 years), Prague packs a big punch. It was only too apparent in the long weekend I visited how much its turbulent history has shaped its culture, which is reflected in the architecture and art of the capital. Continue reading

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