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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Prague

Street in Prague, Czech Republic (1 of 1)

Despite its relative infancy (the Czech Republic has only been a country for around 20 years), Prague packs a big punch. It was only too apparent in the long weekend I visited how much its turbulent history has shaped its culture, which is reflected in the architecture and art of the capital. Continue reading

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#Take12Trips Challenge 2: Prague, Czech Republic, Day Three


Old Town, Prague, Czech Republic (1 of 1)

For our final day in Prague, we decided to visit all the quirky sites Jan had driven us past the day before and make the most of what Prague had to offer: namely art, heritage sites and beer. And so we rose early (not to drink beer, we aren’t that hardcore) to walk one final time across the Charles Bridge and towards the Old Town. Continue reading

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#Take12Trips Challenge 2: Prague, Czech Republic, Day Two

After sloughing off the jetlag with a 12-hour sleep and lethal amounts of coffee, we managed to clamber out of bed and up the nearby hill towards Prague Castle and Palace complex.  Founded in 880 AD, Prague Castle has grown over the centuries to be the largest castle complex in the world.

After seeing the intricate and beautiful architecture of Prague’s Old Town (Stare Mesto) the day before, we hoped the castle and palace complex would live up to our expectations. Fortunately, Prague castle complex did not disappoint; it was every bit as grandiose and stunning as the rest of the city.

Take the Vladislav Hall, for example. Back in its day the Hall was the largest vaulted hall in the world, and housed coronations, banquets, even tournaments between knights for the Bohemian monarchy. Today Vladislav Hall is credited with being one of the most complex structural and architectural feats of the Late Middle Ages – the stone vaulted ceiling is entirely supported by the pillars against the side of the walls, making it an ideal example of the harmony between design and aesthetics.

prague-castle-room (1 of 1)


prague-castle-side-view (1 of 1)

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#Take12Trips Challenge 2: Prague, Czech Republic, Day One


Every year it is tradition that my husband and I go away somewhere as a surprise trip for my birthday. It is also tradition that I accidentally find out where we are going before my birthday.

Of course with the #take12trips challenge under our belts (as if we needed any further excuses to go travelling somewhere) and my birthday combined we wanted to go somewhere romantic, new and with lots to do: Prague.

With its fairy-tale castles and Old  Town, its reputation as the birthplace of Classical music, its cobbled streets and courtyards that were made for afternoon wanders, not to mention its delicious and cheap food and beer, we knew Prague would be a hit.

Touching down early Saturday morning, we soon reached our hotel, the Residence Green Lobster, an achingly beautiful hotel with period features and large rooms.  But the best part of the hotel was the view:

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