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Plastiras Lake: an ideal destination for each season

Lake Plastiras in Thessaly, is a getaway destination for thousands of tourists all over the world each season, as it offers a variety of opportunities and activities for more or less adventurous types. The summits of Agrafa are ideal for climbing and the mountainous slopes are perfect for hiking or skiing.

The area’s terrain has a strange landscape filled with slopes and cliffs. Air sports are ideal for anyone who wants to increase their adrenaline. On the other hand, the blue and green colours of lake waters create the perfect setting for relaxation and recreation all year round. Especially boating, fishing and swimming are visitors’ favourites.

Horse-riding and shooting are also a priceless experience in Lake Plastiras. You can also rent mountain bikes, water-bikes, canoes, wind-surfing boards and other equipment suitable for lake sports. What’s more you can go for a swim or rod-fishing, near Pezoula and the Botanical Gardens. At Lake Plastiras, you may only fish with a rod, for the protection of the environment. It is a funny way if you wish to try your luck and have a fun experience.


ciclying plastiras


You have to be careful as it is strictly forbidden to use any engine boat or water vehicle in the lake, however there are special water bicycles you can use, which are also funnier.

If photo shooting is your hobby then this beautiful landscape will definitely fill you with excitement! You can free your talent and take as many photos as you wish in order to remember this magnificent art of nature.

In terms of sightseeing you can visit the Monastery of Panagia Plelekiti, absolutely visit the artificial dam created the Lake Plastiras. What’s more, time permitting, you can also see the observatory, from where you can admire the stunning natural surroundings of Lake Plastiras.

For your accommodation you opt for Titagion Boutique Hotel built in the village of Ag. Athanasios on the eastern banks of Lake Plastira, 800m. above sea level. The hotel stands in a privileged position offering panoramic views over the lake.

It is really worth to visit Lake Plastiras as it is a unique experience for each visitor when combined with horse-riding, fishing, and other activities as well.

horseriding plastiras

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Photo-story: Qatar’s Abandoned Fishing Villages Al Jumale, Al Areesh and Al Khuwair


In the past thirty years, Qatar’s skyline has been in a constant race, with the skyskrapers competing between each other for first prize in height and elaborate nightime displays of flashing lights and decorations. It is difficult to believe that only a short time ago, the Sheraton hotel was the tallest building in the capital city. Indeed, there are residents in Doha that can still tell you about a time before all the skyscrapers existed, when Qatar was better known for its pearling industry than its status as a cosmopolitan city crowded with luxury hotels.






While Doha’s skyline has been rocketing, many of the country’s traditional pearling and fishing villages in the north are crumbling. Abandoned in droves by those looking for the promise of wealth in gas money, driven by necessity after freshwater sources ran dry, or forced out to look for work elsewhere after Qatar’s pearling industry declined, the village architecture and location offer an insight into an earlier and more traditional way of living in Qatar that is unseen in Doha.






In truth most of Qatar’s inhabitants reside in Doha, with only a small population living in suburban developments in the northern area called ‘Al Shamal’ and communities just outside of Doha in Al Wakra, or to the far west of the peninsula. Today many of these villages, like Al Jumale, Al Khuwair and Al Areesh, are now designated archaeological sites under the protection of the Qatar Museums Authority, and they continue to act as a rest stop for many people that drive up the coast to Zubarah.



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