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Beer, Wine and History in Freiburg’s Old Town

With an abundance of hiking trails and other opportunities for adventure sports in Freiburg and the Black Forest, it is easy to get carried away – but with Freiburg’s Old Town, you will find yourself actively blocking out a rest day to explore the city.

Combining Old World charm with stunning scenery, Freiburg offers the perfect setting for lazy meanderings, sampling delicious delicacies and unexpected finds on every street corner.

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A Lazy Sunday Morning Climb in Kostgefall, Germany

After a weekend of sampling every beer and wine the south of Germany has to offer, we were in dire need of some fresh outdoor air and exercise to clear the hangovers cobwebs.

Luckily our friends had an ideal spot in mind with easy climbs, beautiful scenery and icy mountain water to refresh ourselves afterwards – Kostgefall nature preserve.

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An Outdoorsy Weekend in the Black Forest in Freiburg, Germany

Famed for its environmentally friendly credentials and quaint old town, Freiburg is also an ideal place for a laid-back, active weekend in the Black Forest, as I soon discovered.

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