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Exploring the Island of Santorini

Santorini is considered to be an island of absolutely magical images, love and harmony. Visitors from all over the world flock to the island to admire the charming scenery, unique natural formations, impressive architecture and remarkable monuments, which make Santorini one of the top tourist destinations.

To start with, get yourself a nice boutique accommodation for an absolutely private experience, even in the busiest places of the island.

What to see

In the southern part of Santorini you will find Akrotiri, mainly famous for its prehistoric settlement being one of the most important in the Aegean. The settlement is quite large, presenting an impressive sewerage, and scientists have named it a second Pompeii, buried under the volcanic dust featuring  two-floor or three-floor buildings with wall paintings and furniture. Earthquakes and eruptions signified the settlement’s destruction.

Close to Akrotiri you’ll find the amazing Red Beach featuring red rocks and pebbles, as well as the White Beach accessible only by boats running daily.

Another site of great historic importance is ancient Thira dating back in Hellenistic and Roman period. Highlight of the site is its unobstructed view over the island’s horizon.

Apart from archaeological sites, Santorini is also well-known for its unique architecture, that is, the cave-like houses carved in rocks. Samples of such structures you’ll find in the village of Karterados.

Having heard so much about the volcano, it would be a pity not to pay it a visit. Just head for the ports of Athinios or Fira and take the small boats to the islet of Nea Kameni where you can climb the volcanic hill.

What to do

If you feel active and would like to try an adventurous activity during your holiday, then opt for a scuba diving excursion. Diving in Santorini’s rich seabed is an experience you’ll only live once. Due to the volcanic eruption, formations in the area’s underwater section are one of a kind. You’ll certainly be amazed by the wealth of underwater caves, walls, reefs and marine life as well. Don’t hesitate to try this out even if you haven’t done it before, as there is a plethora of certified scuba diving schools on the island offering short or longer training, equipment available for rental and a great selection of packages including day trips around the island.

Rich in beauty and things to do and see, Santorini is definitely a place worth visiting.




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