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Discover and Explore Outdoor Activities In Crete

If you are into outdoor adventure and want to discover the true colors of Greece, the island of Crete is the ideal destination for you. If you are interested in getting close to real nature and heart of Greece, there are multiple activities on offer. Crete hides many secrets like vast canyons and crystal clear waters, rocky mountains and undiscovered coves. Follow these guidelines and you will not be disappointed. Are you already excited?

If you come to the island during the summer, it’s also the chance to completely relax and calm your spirit. A good choice is to stay at the Minos Palace, home to absolute rejuvenation in its spa. The Ananea Wellness guarantees a real renewal and revival of body, mind and soul.

Hiking & Trekking

Hiking in Crete is hugely popular thanks to an immense network of paths and trails. It’s a breathtaking chance to get to know this beautiful island on foot. There are many paths on the island – some are well-known and quite easy while some require detailed maps making your trekking experience a bit more adventurous. Just be warned, if you want to go trekking during summer, it can get really hot. You will certainly need a hat, sunscreen and lots of water. In winter conditions are quite different and in some areas mountaineering experience might be necessary.

Walking Zakros Gorge

One of Crete’s most famous walking trails is Zakros Gorge. Start your walk from Zakros village, from there the trail will lead you through a narrow canyon of rich vegetation and wild herbs. After about two hours, the path emerges close to Zakros Palace, just 200m from the beach.

Rock climbing

Offering unrivalled views of the jewel coloured waters of the Aegean, rock climbing on Crete’s beach cliffs is an experience second to none. The island has naturally protected routes suitable for all abilities.

Water Sports

What is the most popular activity on an island but water sports? Parasailing, parachuting, windsurfing, Jet skiing… the list goes on. Whatever your heart desires in terms of high seas activities, you will most likely find it in Crete. Head for the coast, dive in and discover a talent you might never even have known you had! Kitesurfing is a growing sport and is one of the most popular for newcomers to the island, while fishing or pedalos are a more sedate option.


Last but certainly not least, this fabulous island is made for snorkelling through crystalline waters. The excellent visibility, comfortable temperatures and abundant wildlife mean you could stay in the water all day.

All in all, Crete Island has so many possibilities. All you have to do is take advantage of them. Summer is waiting just around the corner!



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