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How to Make the Most of your Grand Canyon Trip in a Few Days


Nothing can prepare you for your first sight of the Grand Canyon. Photos, videos and drawings fail to live up to seeing this iconic landmark’s expansive size and striking reddish hues in person. In fact, it can take months to fully explore the Grand Canyon and appreciate its rivers, scenic points and geology, and the park is one of those unique places you can return to at different times and see an entirely new side of it.

Visiting the Grand Canyon at all is a treat for the eyes and senses, but to fully appreciate its beauty and rugged landscape in a short space of time, I would recommend exploring the park over the course of several days at different times. Not only will you be able to avoid the crowds of tourist buses at peak times, you might also be able to see sites and critters no one else gets to see, or even have the park to yourself! Continue reading

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