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Adrenaline Rush in the Seychelles


The archipelago of Seychelles is surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters that can only invite you to a plethora of activities to enjoy this piece of paradise to the maximum. Apart from the many options for a romantic honeymoon, the Seychelles have much more to offer to those interested in visiting a true heaven on earth. You only have to pick an island, Mahe, Prasling or La Digue, or better yet, go on a cruise to explore them all. Variety Cruises can organize the perfect cruise for you providing you with high ­quality services in a fully renovated and refitted boat!

What’s more, restless souls, and especially water sports enthusiasts, will be happy to find out that energizing options vary, including water­skiing, parachute rides, jet­skis, banana rides or sailing, plus many more non-­motorized water sports to make your adrenaline explode.


For those of you who seek relaxation by the crystal clear sea, feeling the light sea breeze, but always with an energizing twist can opt for cruising around the many exotic islets of the Seychelles where you can admire in person the region’s unusual. Furthermore, fishing would easily be a fun alternative for those who are not really keen on walking through the dense mangrove forests. You can either hire a boat for private cruising and fishing, of course, or you can just sail around the Seychelles to discover pristine places which are inaccessible by land. Swim in secluded beaches and go diving only to discover the rich and colourful sea life in the land of never ending summer.


If you are a discerning diver then rent your special equipment and explore another acqualand. However, there are also plenty of diving schools for beginners who are fascinated by the unbelievable beauty of the Seychelles, and want to venture under water!

Travelers who love hiking, will be delighted to know that the Seychelles is also a paradise filled with hiking trails which you should definitely walk if you want to enjoy breathtaking views and see the endemic flora and fauna of this tucked away paradise. If you are visiting Mahé, Praslin and Silhouette ask for a guided tour by knowledgeable local guides.


Thanks to its amazing nature, turquoise waters and ample range of activities, the extraordinary Seychelles can never be a boring destination for dynamic explorers!


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