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#take12trips challenge 12: Learning to Snowboard in France

For my last #take12trips challenge, I knew I wanted to finish with a grand finale, which is why I chose to go snowboarding in La Plagne, France.

Now this was the first time I had ever been snowboarding (or done any winter sports ever) and I was a little apprehensive about throwing myself in the deep end and wanted to go somewhere that was beginner-friendly but also offered room for progression. Luckily Belle Plagne, in La Plagne, France, offered a good mixture of blue runs and green practice spaces for beginners and intermediates, depending which variation of the route you chose.

As we were beginners and wanted to be up and snowboarding the pistes as soon as possible, we spent the mornings each day at the Oxygene beginner’s snowboarding school. We started out learning simply how to glide, but by the end of the week had mastered turns and were about to start learning intermediate skills such as carving and jumps.




The Belle Plagne ski resort area is an ideal choice for those that want an all-round ski/snowboarding experience; everyone from students to families can find something to enjoy there in the evenings. The saloon bar is great for those that want a heavy night out, whilst the Tete Bar’s Happy Hour coincides at just the right time for an apres-ski pint, and lasts for 3 hours (did I mention they give out free crisps, cured meat and cheese with drinks?).


The K2 Bar is a good, more affordable dining option than some of the other restaurants in the resort, and offers some hearty French recipes that are perfect after a day on the slopes.


Just don’t try to finish the enormous pan of cheese fondue!

If your body needs a break from snowboarding, La Plagne also offers a range of extra activities instead, such as ziplining, tobogganing and snow-mobiling. Sometimes in the evening some of the resort’s top skiers and snowboarders will put on shows featuring synchronised skiing or slalom racing.

Not to mention, it’s a pretty good place for stargazing (when it’s not snowing)!


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#take12trips Challenge 10: Exploring Glastonbury Tor


After waking up with sore biceps and bruised kneecaps from caving in Burrington Combe the day before, we decided the only remedy was Sunday morning stroll up Glastonbury Tor. Continue reading

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#take12trips challenge 10: Caving in Burrington Combe

Happy Cavers

Not just cider and The Wurzels, the West Country is home to our friends and a good selection of caves just waiting to be explored. And what better way to spend my next #take12trips challenge than catching up with friends whilst crawling through tunnels and caverns? Continue reading

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#take12trips challenge: The Salkantay Trail, Peru: the Alternative Inca Trail


First and foremost, choosing our big #take12trips challenge was easy; Peru has Macchu Picchu, varied scenery and some of the best food in the world. Choosing how to get to Macchu Picchu however was more difficult. For ages we thought the only way of reaching Macchu Picchu was through the Inca Trail or by train, but after speaking with the good folk at G Adventures we were all on board with the Salkantay Trek.

Unlike the Inca Trail, the Salkantay is a high-altitude trek that takes in varied scenery through the Salkantay mountain pass and down through the Amazon Rainforest. The trail gives trekkers the opportunity to do lots of side trips in between the main trek, which we took ample opportunity to do.

Salkantay sunshine 2 Continue reading

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#take12trips challenge The Speyside Way, Scotland: Fochabers to Craigellachie

ben aigan pine forests 2 (1 of 1)

On the third section of The Speyside Way, we awoke early like little kids at Christmas, eager to start on the trail. It wasn’t so much the joy of hiking that gave us this skip in our step, as the promise of whisky in Craigellachie. Out of all the whisky distilleries in Scotland, more than half are situated in Speyside, and in particular, where we were staying.

Continue reading

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#take12trips challenge, The Speyside Way, Scotland; Spey Bay to Fochabers

kiki forest (1 of 1)

Given that The Speyside Way trail section was only five miles today, we decided to spend the morning doing our latest new-found activity. Continue reading

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#take12trips challenge 4: Malverns and Ledbury


After hiking the 20-odd miles around the Malverns on Saturday, John and I decided to take a more leisurely approach to Sunday and explore the old market town of Ledbury. Continue reading

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#take12trips Challenge 4: Hiking in the Malverns


After watching Far from the Madding Crowd recently, I’ve become slightly obsessed with all things quaint and English. I mean, who wouldn’t want to go frolicking in the Dorset countryside in pretty Victorian get-up? So when it came time to choose the next #take12trips challenge, it may have influenced my choice of the Malvern Hills. Pretty scenery? The Malverns is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Quaint housing? More like, can you get any quainter (or English?) than a shepherd’s hut. Victorian clothing? Well, you can’t get everything you want…. Continue reading

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#Take12Trips Challenge 3: the Mid Wilts Way

lone tree, the Mid Wilts Way (1 of 1)


I’m sure everyone has realised this at some point when they return to their hometown, that they never truly appreciated its good points. For me, this happened only recently. Continue reading

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#Take12Trips Challenge 2: Prague, Czech Republic, Day One


Every year it is tradition that my husband and I go away somewhere as a surprise trip for my birthday. It is also tradition that I accidentally find out where we are going before my birthday.

Of course with the #take12trips challenge under our belts (as if we needed any further excuses to go travelling somewhere) and my birthday combined we wanted to go somewhere romantic, new and with lots to do: Prague.

With its fairy-tale castles and Old  Town, its reputation as the birthplace of Classical music, its cobbled streets and courtyards that were made for afternoon wanders, not to mention its delicious and cheap food and beer, we knew Prague would be a hit.

Touching down early Saturday morning, we soon reached our hotel, the Residence Green Lobster, an achingly beautiful hotel with period features and large rooms.  But the best part of the hotel was the view:

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