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Fitness Apps to Make Exercise Fun



If you’re anything like me, you tend to get into an exercise rut. Trying to organise your schedule around work, family and social commitments often ends in you treading the same running routes, or doing the same series of weights, movements, etc. You name it, you’ve done it a hundred times.

To be fair, it is not necessarily bad if you’re doing the route faster or more efficiently, but your body needs to be pushed to get results and increase fitness, and over time completing the same routes over and over will offer diminishing returns, particularly if you are training for a particular event or race.

To help you get out of your exercise rut, here’s some flashy new apps that will make you forget you’re exercising. Continue reading

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If You Do One Thing in London This Month….

…discover its Cold War history.

Traditionally, media representations of the Cold War primarily feature the USA and Russia, while London’s role in this historic period is generally a muted affair. With this route from Walk magazine however, authentic places of espionage and torture during the period, along with a brief explanation of the people and ┬áplaces involved at the time, are marked all over London, just waiting to be explored.

The route starts in Notting Hill, and swerves up and down west London’s most opulent neighbourhoods, dodging into churches and the capital’s famous landmarks, where quiet corners and nooks contain a surprising history. Best of all, the walk is free, with the only prerequisite being walkers must register an account with Walk magazine before they can fully access the walk.

To register for free on Walk magazine, and download the walk, follow this link here.



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