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The Quirkiest Climbing Walls to Visit Around the World

One night I found myself researching outdoor climbing destinations on Pinterest for holidays. Between the various pictures of sweet overhang routes in Spain and the vertigo-inducing mountain climbs in South America, some truly original indoor climbing walls caught my eye. Now I know what you’re thinking, travelling to a foreign country for climbing only to go to an indoor gym sounds a bit….anti-climatic? A complete contrast to the ‘dirtbag lifestyle’? But take a look at the following below and tell me you’re not at least intrigued!

 Alice in Wonderland Climbing Wall, Illoiha Omotesando, Tokyo, Japan


Alice in Wonderland fans can get their fix at this themed climbing wall located at the Illoiha fitness centre in Tokyo, Japan. Designed by the Japanese architecture firm Nendo, the frames contain hard-to-find holds and unusual finger grips in the frames.

Excalibur Climbing Tower at the Bjoeks Climbing centre, Groningen, Netherlands


With a name like Excalibur, this climbing wall located at the Bjoeks climbing centre was going to be impressive! Measuring 37 metres high for lead climbers only, it is also possible to set up overnight bivouacs on the wall for a surreal urban/outdoor experience.


 Rote Flora Climbing Wall, Germany


This former theatre-cum-squatters den is now host to an array of cultural events, flea markets and parties, but most importantly outside the back of the building is a climbing wall that offers free sessions throughout the year!

Diga di Luzzone, Switzerland


Putting the ‘fun’ in functionality, this working dam in Switzerland also features five pitches ranging from 5b to 6a+ on a 30-40 metre wall. Luckily there is a restaurant at the top of the dam to rest at once you tire yourself out.

Silo Climbing Wall, Amsterdam, Netherlands


So technically this climbing wall hasn’t been built yet, but the ingenious minds at NL Architects have found a way to reuse old sewerage silos as a climbing wall and cultural space. Keep an eye out in the news for a new climbing wall in Amsterdam, as this is where these silos will be given a new life.


Do you know of any amazing climbing walls? List them below!

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