Thrifty Fundraising Ideas

With my Bupa 10k race only a few days away, I feel quite fortunate knowing I can relax on the fundraising side of things and focus on having fun on the day. This is largely thanks to my generous friends, family and co-workers (if you’re reading this, you guys are top!) helping me reach my target early on.

However that hasn’t always been the case. In years past, short on time, money and organisational skills already maxxed out on juggling freelance work, a full-time job, blogging, training and attending university in the evenings, I would be lucky if I met my fundraising target a few days beforehand, let alone weeks or months.

Knowing I’m not the only one in this boat, I decided to give you a few tried-and-tested fundraising ideas myself or others have used over the years. These are particularly good for those short on time and money!

Raffle your time: this was a good idea a friend’s colleague used to raise money for his London Marathon place. Encourage your co-workers and friends to place £1-5 bets on what time you’ll finish your race, and provide a decent alcohol/monetary reward for the winner. A side benefit of this fundraising idea is that it keeps people interested in your training and supportive throughout the process.

Great British Bake-Off: if your office is anything like mine was, there were always several self-appointed ‘star bakers’ who fiercely defended their baking skills. Settle the score once and for all and put them to their mettle with an office bake-off. Put all baked goods in the office canteen and allow people to pay what they think eat dessert is worth. The winner is the one with the most cakes sold and money raised!

Let the donors decide: this idea served me well when raising money for Save the Children for the Bupa 10k race. Provide several costume options, decide how much a vote is worth and let donors decide which costume they would like to see you wear in the race. Handy tip: the sillier the costume, the more donations you receive.

Tombola: ask everyone to bring in their unwanted Christmas presents and use them to create a Tombola raffle event. If you think no one will want that ugly sweater or jewellery you were given, don’t forget the old saying: ‘One man’s trash is another’s treasure’.

Dress as the rival team (if you can stand it): this one is for you football fans out there (or any competitive team sport I suppose). Offer to dress in your rival team’s uniform for the event if you reach your fundraising target – any friends, relatives or co-workers who have baited you for years are sure to jump on the opportunity.

Do you have any sure-fire fundraising ideas? Then help us all out, and give the details below!

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